Making Long Range Electric Flight Possible

Our Latest Prototype Mercurius I

>300 km Cruise Range

Hydrogen fuel cell technology unlocks flight ranges that seem impossible in the weight class below 25 kg TOW.

2.5 kg Payload

A critical value – 86% of Amazon’s deliveries lie below that boundary.

>300 min Maximum Endurance

Adapting the flight speed to optimum endurance velocity enables flight times of over five hours.

1000W Fuel Cell

The lightweight and powerful fuel cell supplies the aircraft during cruise flight and charges the hybrid batteries.

3300W Climb Power

High-power hybrid batteries deliver additional power output to achieve high climb performance and control authority. 

9L Hydrogen Tank

A 300 bar cylinder stores nearly 200 g of the chemical element with the highest gravimetric energy density – hydrogen.

Key Technology Enablers

Making the Mercurius I the Longest Range eVTOL Drone in the World below 25 kg TOW

Aerodynamic Design

The main and canard lifting surfaces enable a low disk loading with minimum structural input. Our design philosophy: Minimize any structure that is not generating lift without harming longitudinal stability.

Innovative Powertrain

A next-generation fuel cell and high power batteries combine the biggest strengths of each component: High energy density and high power density. This enables vertical lift-off and highest range flight.

Cutting Edge Flight Control

The safe integration of a drone in the airspace is vital for future applications. We use a digital twin of the drone to optimize the flight control for any flight state, therefore bringing full autonomy to reality.