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You find our project exciting and are interested in joining our team? Then you've come to the right place!


October 25th - Room MW 1050 - 19:00

If you want to learn more about LEVITUM and the work in our sub-teams before applying, feel free to come to our LEVITUM Info Event on October 25th! There will be free drinks, snacks, and the opportunity to meet our members to learn more about our project. We are looking forward to welcoming you! 
(Info: The event will be held in german)

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Do you want to learn more about our Sub-Teams first?

Here you go:

Preliminary Design Sub-Team

Developing a new design

Our Preliminary Design Sub-Team determines the best configuration to fit the required mission. Its output are the aerodynamic characteristics of the drone as well as requirements for the powertrain and the structure.
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Flight Control Sub-Team

Making a drone fly

Our Flight Control Sub-Team gives the prototype a soul. It writes the software necessary to build stable flight control during all flight states. The job starts with making a prototype hover and ends with achieving a fully autonomous flight to perform given missions.
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Structure Sub-Team

Optimizing the Structure

Our Structure & CAD Sub-Team designs the drone to sustain all required loads - while achieving minimum weight. It also determines new production methods to build the drone with given resources.
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Business & Operations Sub-Team

Keep LEVITUM running

Our Business & Operations Sub-Teams keep LEVITUM running. It raises funds to fuel the project, connects with renowned sponsors and industry experts, organizes events to stick our team together, and provides marketing to carry our vision to the outside world.
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Powertrain Sub-Team

Giving the Airframe Power

To make a drone fly, the airframe requires propellers, motors, controllers, energy storage systems, PCB boards - and much more. Our Powertrain Sub-Team develops all necessary components and connects them to make a prototype fly.
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About our overall Team

The work at LEVITUM

No matter which Sub-Team you are part of, the work at LEVITUM is highly interdisciplinary. All prototypes are built by the entire team and problems can be solved by everybody. Our philosophy: If you take initiative, you get as much responsibility as you want.


Got a Question?

If the given FAQs don’t answer your question, feel free to contact us at – we are happy to help!

After you have applied and received a positive feedback, you can check out beeing a part of LEVITUM for two weeks, before becoming an official member.

However, if you just have questions about our team and you don’t even know if you want to join, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

No worries, you don’t have to chose a sub-team right from the beginning. If you wan’t, you can check out different teams in the beginning and chose a team afterwards. Changing your sub-team in a later stage might also be possible.

Of course, taking part in a student initiative requires certain commitment. If you can invest above 8 h of work per week, joining us makes sense.

Every single member of our team is an enrolled student at TUM and everybody wants to finish his or her studies. If you are busy during your exams or for important submissions, reducing your time input for LEVITUM is no problem. One motivating fact in the end: Many of our members belong to the best students in their study programs. Being part of a student initiative doesn’t mean bad grades 😉

Unfortunately, you have to be enrolled at TUM to be able to join LEVITUM.

Designing a VTOL aircraft includes disciplines from various fields of study. Everybody who is enrolled at TUM can join our team and lead to positive impact.

Beeing able to speak german is not a hard requirement to join us, however it is very beneficial, since a lot of communication takes place in german.